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BECK, Hermann Michelsen
GRØN, Anna Maria Jonasdatter
HAGEN, Iver Christensen
HALD, Anne Maria Iversdatter



1. VIND, Jacob Peter

HALD, Anne Maria Iversdatter

  • Født: 05.07.1833, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup Herred, Vejle Amt
  • Dåb: 07.07.1833, Sønder Stenderup Kirke, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup Herred, Vejle Amt
  • Ægteskab (1): VIND, Jacob Peter den 07.05.1868 i Haderslev Domkirke, Vor Frue Domsogn, Haderslev Herred, Haderslev Amt
  • Død: 21.10.1931, Dannebrog, Nebraska, USA i en alder af 98 år
  • Begravet: 23.10.1931, Nysted Cemetery, Nysted, Howard County, Nebraska, USA

punkttegn   Et andet navn for Anne var HALD, Marie Iversdatter.


punkttegn  Notater:

Birth: Page 33.

Reference is made to the letters written by Anne Maria's sister Maren Frimann in Soender Stenderup. Anne Maria is named "Tante".

Sister Maria Columba, Colorado, 2021:

"Anne Marie Hald, the sister of Maren and of Hans Christian, she married Jakob Wind (Winn), and they went to Nebraska where this picture was taken. They lived at Dannebrog where they welcomed each of the Frimann sons in turn when they arrived in America. Jakob and Marie Wind may have been among the settlers brought to Howard County, Nebraska, by Lars Hannibal where a Danish colony was founded in the 1870's at Dannebrog. When Bedstefar (Poul Jacobsen Frimann) arrived in 1892, it was still Danish-speaking. Even a little Chinese boy spoke Danish. (Probably the child of parents who had followed the establishment of the railroad to Dannebrog and perhaps operated a hotel or laundry)."

"Anna Marie Winn, widow of Jacob B. Winn, born July 5, 1833, Denmark; informant Mrs. C.F. Petersen, Dannebrog, Nebraska; death October 21, 1931, Dannebrog; burial October 23, 1931."

"Mrs. Petersen was her daughter, Lucy (or Lucia) Magdalena (Lena). The children were Peter H., Maria, Lena, Iver, and Jacob. The first two were born in Denmark and the others in Nebraska. Maria and Iver must have died in childhood.
The name was spelled Wind, Winn, or Vind. So many of the names were spelled in different ways. I did try to be consistent at first, but gave up. Bedstefar actually did change his name to Freeman. Americans always called it Fryman, like a cook. So he changed it to Freeman which sounded more like the original and even has the same meaning, and Jes and Iver kept the spelling but gave in on the pronunciation."


punkttegn  Om

• FT-1835, 01.02.1835, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, Stenderup udflyttere.

• FT-1840, 01.02.1840, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, Stenderup udflyttere, parcelbygning.

• FT-1845, 01.02.1845, Stenderup, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, lejebolig.

• Konfirmation, 16.04.1848, Sønder Stenderup Kirke, Sønder Stenderup Sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup Herred, Vejle Amt.

• FT-1860, 01.02.1860, Naffet, Haderslev Købstad. 27 år. Tjenestepige hos købmand Nis Hansen Beck, 24 år, også født i Sønder Stenderup.

• Letter: from Anne Maria Wind to Paul Freeman, 12.08.1896.
Translated from Danish by Eleanor Freeman.

Dear Paul,

I thank you many times for your letter of July 9th, and I am glad to hear from you and from home. It was no sorrow to hear that Hanna is dead (Johanna Iversen Hald 1839-1896). She had not been well for years and had both sadness and affliction to contend with. I am glad that those at home were at the funeral. I wish I could see them and talk with them, especially your mother. We have always been fond of each other. You must greet them many times from me when you write home. I would like to write to them. I am so pleased with Cathrine. She always writes such a fine letter.

Lene and Charley and the child have come back from Oklahoma. They were dried out down there. Charley has a threshing machine he will work with in the fall. They will rent a farm here and stay for a year.

Dear Paul, how are you? Are you well? That is the most important thing.

Will you greet all of Jesse Frimann's family and also Laurits Hansen's. We have been writing to hear how Christine came home from Sioux City.

Goodbye, dear Paul, and let us soon hear from you again.

Affectionate wishes from us, especially me, your aunt, Marie Wind.


Anne blev gift med Jacob Peter VIND den 07.05.1868 i Haderslev Domkirke, Vor Frue Domsogn, Haderslev Herred, Haderslev Amt. (Jacob Peter VIND blev født den 06.08.1831 i Fole, Fole Sogn, Frøs Herred, Haderslev Amt, dåb den 25.09.1831 i Fole Kirke, Fole Sogn, Frøs Herred, Haderslev Amt, døde den 10.08.1908 i Dannebrog, Nebraska, USA og blev begravet i Nysted Cemetery, Nysted, Howard County, Nebraska, USA.)

punkttegn  Om Jacob og Anne

• Familiebillede: Dannebrog, Nebraska, USA.
Billedkilde: Sister Maria Columba, Colorado, 2021.

Jacob Peter Vind and Anne Maria Iversdatter Hald.

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Marriage: FamilySearch.

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